We produce with identified origins 

FULLY WASHED COFFEE mainly in the Kayanza province and  

in the Kirundo province










For the production of FULLY WASHED COFFEE, we use the traditional method: Depulping, Fermentation, Washing and grading, Pre-drying under shade, Sundrying tables

Our Kirundo Province's washing station is located in the north of Burundi, on the Mutara hill at 1450 meters above sea level, 2.5 km from the Kirundo town and at 500m from the main road.

The cherries processed at this washing station come from neighboring hills between 1450 and 1750 meters above sea level

This washing station was built in an area where there were no economic hubs for the population that lived in the adjacent areas. Thank to this, more than 360 coffee farmers have a positive impact on  their life and these of their families

In Kayanza province, more than 200 coffee farmers are members of the management committtee
of the washing station

Women are also recognized as coffee farmers and during the whole process, they provide surveillance work and thus become part of the guarantors of quality

Women have their place in the process

We select carefully the red cherries in privileging and valueing the skills of each one


Our goal is to meet all the international quality export standards and to promote Burundi's coffee of excellence all over the world

We aim for exceptional Burundian specialty coffee

We are particularly attentive to the traceability of coffee

We manage the Ikawa Nziza dry mill entity in Masanganzira to fullfill our objectives to obtain the highest quality and to maintain the tracability of our loved green coffee