We are roasting and packaging refined green coffee of the Burundian hills in a fair trade perspective under a quality license of the ODECA Burundi Coffee Authority

To obtain delicious flavors and aromas, we select the green coffee with the utmost care


Year after year, our passion of roasting of Sambicoffee is a precise art that aims to highlight the excellent coffee of Burundi to the connoisseurs, magnified by a modern factory and the European quality


Fine expertise: We roast properly with adequate grinding and we analyse carefully the green coffee to obtain excellent roasted coffee to reach the ideal coffee for each type of preparation and for each customer



Your delicious Sambi coffee bags are available at our shop in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Avenue du 18 Septembre,

behind BGF, behind Basket Parquet pitch, on the street of Chambre du Commerce du Burundi.