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Sambi Coffee: the excellence of the best roasted coffee of high quality.


Sambi Coffee is a registered trademark of Core Burundi SPRL. To give to Sambi coffee these delicious flavors and aromas during roasting, we select the green coffee with the utmost care. In addition, the coffee roasting factory has the roasting license of the ARFIC Burundi Coffee Authority.  The roasting of Sambi is a refined and precise art that aims to highlight the excellent coffee of Burundi. The search for quality roasting of Sambi makes it possible to enhance Burundi's coffee and thus enables Sambi coffee to help improve the lives of coffee producers.




Sambi coffee is fully committed, deeply committed to ethics and its goal is to enable all stakeholders involved, from the coffee farmer to the end consumer to enjoy a value-creating circle for everyone. We are proud to be socially involved in the entire coffee sector of Burundi to promote the best roasted coffee of high quality. 




Through its mission, the brand Sambi coffee puts, year after year, all its passion to provide the best roasted coffees that the diversity of the coffees of Burundi can offer to the connoisseurs, magnified by a modern factory and the European quality.




Perenniality: From coffee farmers to final consumers, Sambi coffee is based on economic, social and ecological sustainability.


Ethics: Create and share Sambi coffee's ethical values ​​with all stakeholders, from coffee farmers to consumers and staff members.


Customer oriented: We listen to our customers and search with them to have the best coffee.


Our expertise


Our proper roasting and adequate grinding make it possible to obtain the best coffee and make it possible to obtain a diversified supply of coffees and thus to obtain for each type of preparation the ideal coffee. Our modern equipment helps the roaster to better control the process of roasting but the passion of the coffee creates the quality. Proper roasting provides the best product.


Our grind is adapted to each type of preparation. Thanks to the quality of our equipment, we can provide a grinding that meets the best criteria. The most common grind is the fine grind. For the special needs of our customers, our equipment is adapted to provide any other grind: large, medium, very fine as for an espresso type preparation.


There is therefore a significant difference between filter and espresso grinds.


Our product range


The current different Sambi coffee products are a careful selection of the best green coffees of Burundi. The coffees available in Burundi are varied and allow to obtain different shades and tastes. Our fine and precise roasting respects the coffees so as to release the best qualities and the best aromas to satisfy our consumers. 

Classic: full-bodied, balanced coffee with scented accents.

Available in packets of 250gr beans or ground and 500gr ground.

100% pure arabica coffee from Burundi.

Ideal for coffee brewing and for the espresso machine.

Prestige: sweet coffee with many subtle and warm aromas, this coffee will seduce consumers with its fragrance and roundness and those who seek a balance between the density and acidity of high quality coffees.

In addition, the packaging of Sambi Prestige coffee has a degassing valve allowing the evacuation of CO2 naturally present in the roasted coffee and to preserve the maximum aroma.

Ideal for filter coffee and piston coffee.

Available in packets of 250gr beans or ground and 500gr ground.

100% pure arabica coffee from Burundi.


Espresso: Coffee available in packets of 250 gr in beans or ground.

This powerful and full-bodied coffee will satisfy espresso lovers..

Specialty Bourbon Coffee: Coffee available in 250 g beans or ground.

Coffee with intense aroma of flowers and chocolate with a sweet citrus acidity.

Specialty sundried Coffee - Natural Coffee: This coffee is obtained by direct drying of the coffee cherry

Coffees for specific order



Sambi coffee provides high quality products for the catering sector or for special needs. Our specialized and professional specialization will allow you to obtain the adapted coffee exactly to your needs according to the machines used in your establishment and the requirements of your consumers.


As already mentioned, our professional and European quality machines allow us to provide you with the quantity and quality at the frequency you want.



Depending on your needs, we adapt our coffees and our grinds so that your establishment satisfies your consumers as much as possible.



By contacting us, we can detail you our specific offers. Our sales agents are at your disposal:


Contacts for Sambi products


Tél.: +257 79 888 795

Tél.: +257 79 987 727




and our Dealer Aroma, caféteriat-restaurant, Avenue du Commerce, 10, Bujumbura, Burundi.


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