Motivated by our passion for coffee and for Burundi, we source and process our coffee cherries mainly in Kayanza and Kirundo Provinces.
Specialty coffee is one of our main objective.
We export worldwide green coffee to promote the exceptional Burundian coffee. More Info

Sambi Coffee: the excellence of the best roasted coffee of high quality in Burundi since 2006

Our Sambicoffee bags are available in Bujumbura, Av. du 18 Septembre. More info

We produce high quality Burundian coffee based on our vision of a sustainable development and ethical engagements in Burundi.We aim for quality, equity and mutual profitable relationships with all our suppliers and customers in respect of the culture and tradition

Pioneer since 2007, Aroma Restaurant offered the first best place to discover and promote the Burundian coffee. 

Currently, our Aroma Sambicoffee Drive thru is only available in Bujumbura, Av. du 18 Septembre. Address: click here


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